Flotsam jettison

The River Is A Strong Dark God That’s what Eliot wrote. It’s also burdened with our jetsam

Intervention: Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Like birds, they see, and point, whole bodies pointing, rustled by winds, the winds of others’ bodies, river breezes and smells Existing on the edge between body and other bodies, life twitching with… Continue reading

..and then, bodies became water…

Final rehearsals before the weekend event, Queensbridge Square, February 27 2014.


Helen Smith took this short footage from the bridge. It is the sunlight reflecting on the river. The image suggests a lot of movement which has taken our exploration in a new direction… Continue reading

ridiculous the waste, sad time..

stretching before and after..


and yet, the river goes on, replacing and replacing, twirling reflecting back whatever brightness reaches down from the sky breathing mist into the petroleum air shining, dancing, moving the waste downstream floating the… Continue reading


Water is like thick air. We can meet it inside us, as it moistens our lips, cools our throat and spreads, like a stain, in our stomach. Or we can go: inside it… Continue reading

coherence, (dis)appearance..

so, we think we know what the body is and is not…


Mapping is a complex process by which we come to understand our place in the world. We sense, we dance, we map, we make…and either re-create or destroy our immediate worlds. The performance… Continue reading